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Information Technology Virtual Career Fair 2022

IT virtual career fairs are a targeted way to attract companies and candidates to interact. There are no budget or location constraints, it makes the company's vision, values ​​and culture truly a reality, reaching out to the best candidates from all over the world.

goSMAC's IT Virtual Career Expo is a three-day virtual event designed to bridge the gap between students and graduates and the professional world. Our goal is to make virtual careers immersive, approachable, convenient and promote diversity.


We provide

Virtual Booths


You can now easily host your company logo and you can now easily upload your company logo and website link and get the inquires from the visitor.


Our Virtual Booths are packed with features that Students/Candidates can interact with and play videos in order bring your booth to life.


Because everything happens online, attendees can visit booths, ask questions through live-chat, gather information, and build networks from the comfort of their homes.


The booth offer a unique look by applying an extravagant, exclusive template & design supported with awesome features.


Virtual Booths


Display all the available jobs posted by the sponsor to the visitors.

More Info

Redirect visitors to sponsor's official website for more info.

Contact Me

Allow visitors to leave their contact details to the sponsor for private contact via email/mobile number.

Live Chat

Allow visitors to have real-time live chat with the sponsor for inquiries.


Why Exhibit At IT & Engineering Virtual Career Fair?

Connect, engage and recruit young talents in Malaysia!


Exposure to the best young talents looking to advance their careers in Malaysia

Job Postings

The ability to post jobs on jobs.go-smac.com

Listing Company

Listing of your company profile

Live-chat room

A dedicated live chat room to enable real-time text, audio and video interaction with prospective candidates.

Post-event report

Detailed reporting post-meeting

Full assistance

goSMAC staff support before, during, and after the career fair.


Sponsorship Packages

Starter Package

  • ✈️ You will receive benefits as follows:

    ♔ Starter Booth

    ♔ Unlimited job postings for 1 month

    ♔ Logo on exhibition hall

    ♔ Receive a booth-visit report

    ♔ 4 booth features: Jobs, More Info, Contact Me

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Silver Package

  • ✈️ ALL the benefits of STARTER, plus:

    Small Booth

    ♔ Unlimited job postings for 3 months

    ♔ Promotion via social media (FB, Telegram, LinkedIn)

    ♔ Logo showcase on promotional emails to potential candidates (students)

    ♔ Exhibitor provides art for customization of company video in the virtual booth

    ♔ Customizable color theme for the virtual booth

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Gold Package

  • ✈️ ALL the benefits of SILVER, plus:

    Medium Booth

    ♔ Unlimited job postings for 6 months

    ♔ Post-event marketing email to all registered users on talent portal

    ♔ Logo on virtual career fair lobby & the virtual career conference hall with link

    ♔ Given precedence to introduce and conduct a sharing session in the conference hall

    ♔ Duration of sharing session available for 20 minutes

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Platinum Package

  • ✈️ ALL the benefits of GOLD, plus:

    Large Booth

    ♔ Unlimited job postings for 12 months

    ♔ Logo display in the post-career fair survey

    ♔ Duration of sharing session available for 90 minutes

    ♔ Right to select a preferred time slot for sharing session (first come first serve basis)

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