Get rewarded for performing actions while you are logged in to the website! When certain amount of points are awarded, you will be eligible to redeem your rightful rewards! Check out redeemable rewards here!

Reward Actions
Action items Points given
Volunteer as Speaker of Webinar 250 points
Organize Industry Career Coaching session
and share with us
150 points
Emcee for Webinar 150 points
Volunteer as assistant of webinar 75 points
Refer a speaker for webinar 50 points
Update profile (one-time only) 50 points
Upload Resume (one-time only) 50 points
Sign-up 50 points
7 days log-in streak extra 30 points
Refer portal to a friend 25 points
Participating in various survey by goSMAC 25 points
Webinar Registration 25 points
Daily log-in 10 points