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Sofia Than

Software Engineer Intern at


(1) Getting started with LinkedIn
(2) Understanding how LinkedIn works
(3) Expanding Your Network through LinkedIn
(4) Building Your Career Success with LinkedIn


Sofia Than is a First Class Honors software engineering student from Sunway University, under a dual-degree programme with Lancaster University (UK). She is currently doing her internship with goSMAC as a software engineer to gain more exposure of the tech industry.

During her first year in university, she had the opportunity to join a workshop on creating AR Filters hosted by Snap Inc. at Sunway iLabs, giving her an insight on the world of professional networking as she got to interact with staff from Snapchat HQ. Since then, she participated in several events and hackathons to expand her professional network; such as the Shopee Code League and 2021 L'Oreal Brandstorm Challenge where she competed with over 100 teams within Malaysia and made it past the initial rounds with her innovative product pitch for the challenge.

Sofia has worked as a freelance UI/UX Designer for over a year, helping clients to produce and implement visually appealing and functional user interfaces that are aimed at enhancing the overall user experiences with software systems. Apart from that, she is an active member of Sunway H.O.M.E Labs as a research assistant. One of her biggest milestones as a software engineering undergraduate was to have her final year project, which is a desktop-based VR application focused on enhancing the quality of medical anatomy education, produced and nominated to be showcased as part of an AR Workshop hosted by H.O.M.E Labs earlier this year.

Sofia hopes to share her own experiences as an international student to help others get started on ways to network effectively with professionals throughout the industry, as well as to obtain opportunities that will benefit their career growth.


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